Company Profile

B&E ACR was established in 1993 as a means of supporting existing repair schemes and the development of new custom repairs (DER’s) for complex aircraft components and assemblies. We operate under FAA Repair Station certification number YQBR924L located in Fort Myers, Florida.

Our 17,000 sq. ft. repair station is staffed with highly skilled machinists, tool makers, inspectors and engineers ready to solve the challenging cost savings issues facing our customers. Our repairs are designed to meet “like new” product specifications. Our expertise stems from over 50 years of manufacturing experience in the aerospace industry.

The B&E ACR portfolio consists of over 800 individually designed and approved repair procedures. Our engineering staff and in house DER will custom design repairs to meet your specific needs.


Our engineering and in house DER staff has the ability to custom design repairs to meet your specific needs. B&E ACR’s FAA approved repairs have demonstrated substantial cost savings and reduced TAT’s resulting in a lower overall cost of ownership to our customers.


B&E ACR has incorporated many secondary processes to our in house procedures which include: induction brazing, torch brazing, stress relief, air & fluid pressure testing (up to 10,000 psig), flow testing, power flushing, wet abrasive blasting and non-destructive testitng (MPI/FPI).


B&E Aircraft Component Repair  is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services, with turn times to meet the customers specific needs. We offer in stock exchanged upon request for many components, and are here to support any of your AOG requirements.

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